Cash transfers are a must for many people, but they are much more important during the pandemic. However, there needs to be ways to transfer cash without being in contact with other people to stay healthy. Here is a quick look at the best way to deliver cash transfers while physically distancing.

Mobile Money

Mobile money is one of the most efficient ways to deliver cash transfers. An electronic payment system is a safe way to send money to other people without having to physically be near them. There are many payment options to choose from as well, so most people can send and receive money with mobile money.

Many countries chose to strengthen mobile money ecosystems along with fixing any constraints to aid their citizens. For instance, around 80% of measures in sub-Saharan Africa were done using transfers during the start of the pandemic. Most governments realized that mobile money was the safest way to protect people who had financial difficulties during the pandemic.

Man preparing to pay with a credit card.

Advantages of Mobile Money

The main benefit of mobile money is the ease of access. Most people own a phone, and a lot of mobile money can be accessed through computers too (like PayPal). Therefore, it is easy for people to send and receive money as long as they have their phone and an internet connection.

Depending on what type of mobile money provider you choose, you can link your bank account to most forms of mobile money. For example, you can use a credit card or your debit card to fund your mobile money wallet. You can also use most mobile money applications to withdraw your cash through your bank, use it to pay for bills, and more. 

Disadvantages of Mobile Money

While there are many benefits to using secure payment methods with mobile money, there are some disadvantages to mobile money. For example, a major disadvantage to mobile money is that you may find it difficult or impossible to send money to people with little to no access to electronics. If a person does not own a phone or laptop or a way to receive mobile money, they will likely be unable to receive it.

Another disadvantage of mobile money is that you will still run the risk of digital fraud along with other cyber risks. Even the most secure payment systems will have their occasional slip ups, so you need to be wary. Additionally, you can accidentally get scammed, especially if you are trying to send money as a payment to an untrustworthy person. 

To avoid digital fraud and cyber risks, try to only use secure online payment providers, like PayPal. You ought to also use your own mobile device or computer to send money. Another crucial thing is to always use a secure Wi-Fi connection; stay away from public WiFi at all costs. Hackers can easily find your personal information (like log-in details) and steal your money.

It is crucial that we find alternative and safe ways to send money during the pandemic. Mobile money is one of the best ways to safely deliver cash transfers while physically distancing yourself from others.